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Under the banner of SAMVAAD (संवाद) an arm of HRG (INDIA) a lecture series/TED Talk/Open House Discussion on the different subjects of social issues and various aspects and shades of Human Rights is initiated. In order to obtain desired objective of the NGO and to reach maximum this event is being organized in various educational institutes, colleges, universities where young speakers will participate and deliver their speeches, will take part in Group Discussions on subjects selected by the organizing committees and will be encouraged to share their independent views in the Seminars. The participants will be awarded on the bases of performance. A cash award and a plaque for participation will be given to the young speakers. Dates of the event and the venue shall be declared through a formal notice and will also be placed in the website. All the participants will be required to register themselves online at to take part and be the part of upcoming events. Registration may be carried out by the participant directly or through the office of Principal/Director/Headmaster of their respective institutes, colleges or schools.

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