About Us

Human Rights Group (INDIA) alias HRG (INDIA) is a non-government and non-profit organization. Apart from other activities for the betterment of the society one of our main objective is to propagate Human Rights, the Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Duties as per constitution of India. We firmly believe that acquiring knowledge of one’s rights and responsibilities is one’s primary need. In order to attain this objective HRG (India) decided to fulfill this need through live lectures, group discussions, debates, seminars, declamations, and through blogs and articles on the blogs section of our website www.hrgindia.co.in. Our aim is to inculcate human values and knowledge and understanding of human rights and responsibilities among the younger generation.

HRG (INDIA) is an effort to cater a platform to independent thinkers and social activists who are being driven by unbiased, impartial and balanced perception on the subject related to social cause directly or indirectly. We dream to have such a society in India in particular and in the world at large that accepts a Human being as a Human being and nothing less. We solemnly believe that Humanity is the supreme value that a person needs to follow and respect. When a person paints himself or herself in the color of a particular religion, cult or sect it appears as if he/she has reduced to a biased personality instead of being a torch bearer of humanity.

We firmly believe that humanity is at the core of all the religions of the world and any religion is meant to be a connecting bridge between different societies and races of people, hence we do not oppose any religion. We firmly believe that all the religions basically teach the values of humanity and show its followers the path which is right in the wider perspective. We are being driven by humanitarian teachings of our ancient Vedas, Holy Bible and Holy Quran, Shri Guru Granth Sahib, saints and sage of each sections of our society and many more such noble souls who has been continuously putting their efforts to make this world better and better.

We invite people from all walks of life; irrespective of caste, creed, language, religion or region, to join hands with us and use this platform to share their views fearlessly and openly to stand against the atrocities, be it in the name of religion, region, caste, creed or gender. The only thing expected from the thought sharers is the decorum of language.

To obtain the objective HRG (India) has initiated a lecture series covering different subjects on national interest. Event of of Lecture Series in February 2018 at IIT Delhi and in March 2018 at Lovely Professional University was great success. Students of both these premier institutions took active participation and spoke their mind without any inhibitions. To ensure maximum participation of the young minds we are taking this event in various educational institutions and universities of the country. We expect our younger generation will participate in these events and will play the role of sharer and spreaders of human values.

Government of any country is the protector the human rights of its subjects. A democracy is incomplete if the subjects of a democratic nation fail to practice their rights as a human being. HRG (India) propagate to educate people about their rights and encourage them to practice the same as well. Apart from making young minds aware of the Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Duties as per constitution of India; we invite young generation to talk about the following issues at times keep them updated.

  • Right To Live With Human Dignity
  • Right To Equal Access To Health-Care
  • Right to Access to Food Necessary for Living
  • Right To Access To Potable Water
  • Right To Access To Basic Minimum Amenities
  • Right To Education
  • Right To Access To Justice

President, Human Rights Group (India)